Site Development & Landscape Construction

Site Development & Landscape Construction

Our Approach

Creating a beautiful and sustainable landscape is an artful pairing of creativity and technical construction expertise, from the very beginning of a project through its completion. Greenbank’s Site Development and Landscape Construction division works with owners, contractors, and landscape architects/designers to create refined spaces that reflect the vision of the designer and client. Our goal is to create high-quality, turn-key landscapes that allow clients to use and enjoy their new outdoor spaces as soon as a project is completed.

Site Development

Earthwork and utilities, although the least glamorous aspect of the work, are often the most crucial in ensuring a garden is off to a good start. These set the stage and provide a framework that all subsequent work is built upon. We have significant, specialized experience in site grading, drainage, erosion control, utilities, and structural concrete work.

Hardscape and Planting

Hardscape provides structure in a garden, often serving as the basis for outdoor rooms and creating opportunities for circulation. Greenbank’s staff applies their extensive knowledge and experience to produce quality structural components that form a beautiful foundation for your landscape. Our team has decades of experience working with stone, concrete, and wood to create superior hardscape elements for your site including installation of patios, walls, rockeries, water features, arbors, and other structures.

Plantings complete the composition of a landscape by enhancing depth and scale, adding texture and refinement, and providing color that changes throughout the seasons. Greenbank’s team of landscape professionals is very knowledgeable about plants and includes a landscape designer, certified horticulturist, and arborist. We are attuned to the skill and experience necessary to properly install and care for new plantings and pride ourselves in selecting high quality, healthy plants. Plants are installed using the best practices to ensure your landscape will grow and thrive for years to come. We also use soil tests to determine how soil should be amended with beneficial inoculants to create optimal growing conditions.

Additional Services

  • Licensed side sewer contractor
  • Masonry
  • Landscape lighting
  • Irrigation
  • Special conditions (Environmentally Critical Areas, etc.)

Next Steps

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